The Ritual

The spas and salons may be shut for the time being, but with Meadow Skincare, you can still enjoy the luxury of a spa facial in your own home! 

Delivered fresh from our apothecary kitchen straight to your bathroom, Meadow Skincare will recreate that much-loved spa feeling for beautiful glowing skinOur balmy textures, super-soft hot cloths and the decadent aromas from our essential oil blends will transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat. 

Calm & Soothe Face Mask is my secret favourite Meadow product (it feels like picking a favourite child, but I can’t help it!) I wear it at every given opportunity.

One of the many benefits of the mask is that it feels so comfortable on the skin with none of that tightness and cracking that you can experience with other clay masks. You won’t even know you’re wearing it!

It’s packed with so many nutritious ingredients that feed the skin and it does a fantastic job at clarifying and rebalancing.

I have always applied the mask to dry skin as I find water dries my skin out, but recently I put the mask on after I got out of the shower and applied it directly to wet skin (I know how to live!) You can see from the photos that it looks more like a traditional clay mask as it turns from green to white and the clay certainly feels more predominant, but again it still doesn’t go tight or crack.

Both ways of applying the mask are equally beneficial, but perhaps have a go at applying yours in different ways and see what you prefer! (Remember not to put wet fingers into the products as they are waterless and will spoil in contact with water.)

Kelly (Co-Founder, Meadow)

Getting into a bedtime routine won’t automatically make me sleepy, but having rituals has helped me to foster better sleep habits.

I power down devices after a specific time. Change into my pyjamas. Choose an activity that is most relaxing to me, reading (I quite like a Suduko!). Try it yourself.. Relaxing may include a warm beverage, a bath, reading, or calming music.

Try a few dots of Overnight Replenishing Oil. Warmed in the palms and deeply inhaled before being pressed into your skin. The jasmine and maillette lavender will calm your nerves. Now you’re ready to sleep.

Wendy (Co-Founder, Meadow)

Health experts have long recognised the effect and impact that pollution has on your skin and your health, with an even greater priority, with much greater knowledge of its ability to damage your skin and the major role it plays in premature ageing. ⠀

Here are our tips for protecting and limiting the damage city living can cause:⠀

– Double cleanse – an oil cleanse will deeply and efficiently remove all pollutants and impurities that accumulate on the surface of the skin andmake it fresh, luminous and comfortable.⠀

– Use an antioxidant rich moisturiser rich to help protect against free-radical damage. ⠀

– Regularly exfoliate to clear pores of increased sebum and toxins embedded. Also mask up to calm irritated skin caused by sun, SPF and pollutants.⠀

Our Ritual Box is the perfect size for a daily skincare routine – it’s easy to follow and each products feels like a mini treat for your skin.