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If your current cleanser is leaving your skin feeling tight and dry you need this in your life!

Few people look forward to washing their face, but Gently Nourishing Cleansing Balm transforms this daily chore into a skin ritual you’ll look forward to that will never irritate or strip skin. Good skin starts with a proper cleansing routine and we’re here to help you fall in love with it.

Our Gently Nourishing Cleansing Balm is rich, nourishing and gentle – it’s a taskmaster at lifting dirt and removing make-up, without leaving your skin tight or dry. It doubles as a waterproof make-up remover too and is safe to use around your eyes.


  • No tightness after cleansing, removes all traces of make-up and won’t clog pores.
  • Drench your skin in  wild harvested plant oils and fruit butters – not artificial ingredients that irritate.
  • Revives the appearance of dull, flaky skin leaving it soft and glowing.

The Ritual

Scoop a pearl-size amount of product morning and evening and apply to a dry face. Massage thoroughly for a minute or two to decongest your skin and boost circulation for a natural glow. Place a hot cloth over your face and inhale the wild lavender and grapefruit blend, allowing it to reset your senses. Repeat if you like to double-cleanse.

Follow with Calm & Soothe Face Mask for a relaxing treat.


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  1. Kelly

    I’ve only just started using this, so these are my first impressions. It smells amazing and feels so good on my skin, leaving it clean and soothed afterward. Many cleaners leave my skin feeling tight and raw, this leaves a comfortable nourished feeling.

  2. Georgina

    As a makeup artist I know how hard it is to completely remove heavy makeup from the skin, especially all day wear foundations. This completely melts away built up makeup and dirt. It leaves my skin feeling soft with no dry tightness. I’ve been using this cleanser for a few months and can honestly say it has been a miracle worker. Would recommend to all skin types.

  3. Emma

    Absolutely LOVE this cleanser! Removes make up easily but still leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and not dry – which is an achievement as I suffer with eczema.
    Can’t recommend this and the face oil highly enough! Great products that smell gorgeous.

  4. Tracey Kramer-Taylor

    Just started using this product on Friday night. Have used a well known brand for years but wanted a change. Love texture of the cleanser and how it feels on my face. Easily removed from skin with a flannel and my skin feels lovely afterwards.

  5. Fidge Morgan

    FAB! This is the best cleansing balm I have ever used. I’ve recently been using a similar textured balm for cleansing at night, removing the residue with a hot damp cloth… however that balm was so packed with chemicals that if you accidentally got it in your mouth, you’d have to rinse and rinse to get the taste out! Obviously, not the case with this balm with it’s beautiful natural ingredients. It removes make-up perfectly. I am v happy with my purchase.

  6. susan jones

    Works really well, no horrible chemical smell, leaves my skin feeling clean and soft.

  7. Donna Mitchell

    Amazing product especially on teenage acne prone skin. We stopped all the harsh products my daughter was using and switched to only this and haven’t looked back. The under skin bumps and sore red spot breakouts have improved dramatically. Product is really comforting on the skin and doesn’t leave an oily residue.

  8. Kate W.

    Gorgeous, rich cleansing balm

  9. Linda F.

    I love this balm from the smell to the texture to how it cleans your face and how your face feels after use , lovely and soft and hydrated

  10. Lyn

    Love this product, it’s the best I’ve ever use.
    Would never go back to L’Occitane skincare.

  11. Leila Ware

    I love the softness of the product on my skin combined with its gentle exfoliation properties. it leaves my skin feeling clean and nourished.

  12. Mano

  13. Charlotte H.

    The ultimate luxury cleansing balm that cleans my skin and keeps it feeling so soft. I’m so impressed with how easily make up is cleansed away. I actually look forward to cleansing my skin every day now!

  14. Claire Duffy

    This balm is an absolute skin healing saviour. I purchased the starter kit and immediately ordered the largest size of this beautiful product! You warm it in your hand, I then cup my hands over my nose and inhale it’s glorious scent. It glides onto And over your skin and melts all of the days troubles and your makeup away. My skin is so temperamental these days but this has soothed, calmed and moisturised it. It’s gentle enough to remove eye make up too. Thank you for making such a gorgeous product. I’m smitten.

  15. Emma Chidwick

    I love this so much, it melts onto your face and clears away the day’s dirt even if you haven’t had any makeup on, it smells divine and I love the little wooden spoon, leaves my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed but not dry – perfect!

  16. tracy

    received quickly. used the face cleanser last night and it is gorgeous. will consider large sizes.

  17. Valerie

    The lack of water in the cleansing balm seems to help my skin. It’s prone to reacting and other cleansing products cause a red reaction – this one is gentle enough not to, but still cleanses beautifully.

  18. Nicola F.

    Smells amazing my skin feels clean but not dry.

  19. Mary

    Absolutely fabulous product. Make up just melts away leaving skin nourished and dewy. The smell is divine. I am nearly 70 years old, this is the best cleanser I have used, ever. Delivery was prompt and efficient. I am a convert to this wonderful brand.

  20. Elaine Kennedy

    Skin pores look so much cleaner. Lovely texture and smell.

  21. Kirsten

    Gorgeous cleansing balm. Feels and smells like luxury for my skin. Love this and the cloth.

  22. Natalie

    Lovely and soothing and smells lovely !

  23. Miriam

    First, this smells lovely. I found this so easy to use, less is more, I used a bit too much the first couple of times. It removes all my makeup without too much effort and leaves the skin feeling soft and thoroughly cleansed. I use a toner after I splash face with cold water and my skin doesn’t feel oily. I use this about every other day and always when I’ve been wearing makeup as it’s works so well. I think this pot will last a good while but I would definitely re purchase.
    In my shipment I received 2 little samples. One a body balm which I’ve yet to try. The other is called calm and sooth mask. I tried this first on a cold sore which miraculously disappeared after 1 application wheras it would normally take several days to a week. Then I tried it as an overnight mask and that felt very nourishing. It also smells wonderful. Then I used it on my partners face and neck where he had given himself bad razor burn. It was soothing and healing on his angry skin. Within a couple of days there was a huge improvement. This balm really is a pot of miracles!
    Sending samples really works as I love this product so much I intend to buy the full size, once this little pot is used up. This brand isnt cheap but I highly recommend and they really are value for money as they go such a long way.

  24. Ellice Pendry

    This cleansing balm is such a beautiful product. I have very sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts and this cleansing balm has really helped to calm my skin and help with redness. It leaves my skin feeling soft and I have noticed a overall transformation in my skin.

  25. Sophie

    This is such a beautiful product: it smells amazing and gently removes all the day away so you are left with soft clean skin

  26. Linda F.

    Love to open a new pot of cleanser the texture the smell no reaction on the skin and You get comfortable clean moisturised skin .

  27. Clare Kirkman

    This is by far the best cleanser I’ve ever used, I actually look forward to my facial routine now.

  28. Samantha

    I tried a sample of this that was free with my order and I was wowed away I ordered a full sized tub and a starter kit for my friend. I’ve bought Elemis repeatedly for years but this will be replacing that. Really pleased I found this brand! My face feels so smooth and I don’t even use it everyday yet as I’m trying to use up some of my other things. Thank you! Xx

  29. Megan

    Best cleanser I have ever used – my skin feels amazing! It was as a lot larger than I expected from the picture, and the mini testers of other products was a lovely touch!

  30. Rachel W.

    This is now the third time I have ordered this and i love it. It gently yet thoroughly removes all dirt and make up at the end of a busy day and smells lovely too.

  31. Marie A.

    Love this skin feels wonderful

  32. Jane

    definitely the most gentle way to clean my skin

  33. Elaine Kennedy

    Love this product! It’s so rich and removes all of the daily grime! Wish I had used this when I was younger, I think my skin would have benefited even more 😊

  34. Deborah Harrison

    Best on the market. Period.

  35. Charlotte

  36. Christopher Dawson

    Works a dream. Easy to apply.

  37. Catia Cavaleiro

    The best I ever tried so far. My skin is not breaking anymore and is always so smooth.

  38. Amanda H.


  39. Jacqui H.

    These products smell so fresh and natural from the minute you open the jar. Putting them on your face feels like giving yourself a gift of love that you have denied yourself for far too long.


    This product smells delicious and cleanses very gently. I enjoy using it in the morning especially to cleanse and brighten up my skin first thing.

  41. Fenwick L.

    The smell The texture The Results make cleansing something to look forward to , a spa in a jar

  42. Anonymous

    Really delighted with my purchase. Smells gorgeous and feels so calming on the skin. Afterwards , skin feels soft and clean, not at all tight. It’s a real treat to use. Natural ingredients that work, not full of artificial stuff. Packaging top notch too. Highly recommend. And the service was super, really fast delivery. 2 fabulous samples. I’m going to buy the face mask next, it’s amazing too.

  43. Carol

    I love how calm my skin feels after cleansing, even before moisturising. I’m so pleased I was introduced to Meadow Skincare, my skin is definitely glowing

  44. Janet Collett

    This is a beautiful product.The smell is amazing and it really does its work as a cleanser.l would recommend this product

  45. Christine

    My third pot of this lovely cleanser. I love that it is natural but effective and leaves my skin so soft and healthy looking but no residue. I look forward to using this each day and would highly recommend.

  46. dafina ganeva

    This cleansing balm is simply the best thing ever! have dry skin and it is the only product that doesn’t make my skin feel like sand paper after cleansing! The smell is lovely, the consistency is amazing! I just love it!

  47. Catherine Lake

    Smells delicious, but didn’t suit my face. I’ve been using it as a moisturiser for hands and feet, and have been very happy with it.

  48. Tracey

    I have always used natural products to cleanse my face, and used coconut oil for many years. Having found this cleanser however, I can never go back to coconut oil. Using it feels like the ultimate self care ritual. I feel very lucky to use it, which helps me start and end my day with gratitude. Thank you Meadow Skincare 🙂

  49. Patricia Murphy

    I absolutely love this product my skin feels so clean land soft with an amazing aroma that’s quite relaxing I highly recommend this product and I will continue to you it

  50. Molly

    The BEST cleanser there is. I started using two years ago nearly and have never looked back – incredible. The consistency is ideal, removes all makeup but leaves face feeling hydrated and soft, not stripped bare.

  51. Clare

    Absolutely fantastic. Feels so indulgent and luxurious. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. I have oily, acne prone skin which is also sensitive.. quite a challenge to find something that suits my skin..but now I have I wouldn’t use anything else. I love it!! And it smells divine!

  52. Linda F.

    Bought this several times it’s so relaxing and makes face cleansing a treat not a chore ,

  53. Michelle

    Smells gorgeous, easy to use, feels like you are really doing your skin a big favour.

  54. Anonymous

    Second jar. Heavenly scent, makes you want to cleanse even you’re exhausted and need to go to bed! My teenage son likes it too

  55. Sophie Turton

    Absolutely GORGEOUS products from a lovely company. My new favourite skincare ever. 10/10

  56. Joanne

    Smells gorgeous, feels nourishing and does a great job of removing make up and anything else that needs removing. Its a pleasure to use and my skin feels plump and hydrated after. A little goes a l9ng way too.

  57. Jane

    Find this easy to use although took a while to used to an oil based product.

  58. Tessa Thomas

    Bought this as part of a box and now use every night with other Meadow products. My skin looks and feels so much better than before. Smells gorgeous and easy to use too.

  59. Vladi

    This cleansing balm is heavenly. I’m slowly replacing my current products with this brand and I have to say this cleanser has left my skin so incredibly soft! I don’t think any other moisturizer has ever felt as good as this cleanser.

  60. Lynn H.

    I’m a bit of a hard sell when it comes to balm-y “hot cloth” kinds of cleansers, as I’ve had good results from the conventional bubbly/foamy varieties. But I loathe all of the plastic packaging. And I’m not crazy about bars of soap, which always seem to be too drying. Enter Meadow’s cleansing balm, which smells delectable and really seems to be doing good things for my temperamental skin. A little goes a long way, so it’s excellent value for money, too. And I’ll be able to reuse the lovely glass jar! Thanks for a great product.

  61. dafina ganeva

    Truly the best cleanser out there for dry skin! Made me love cleansing after hating it all my life! Removes even waterproof make up but at the same time is so gentle to my skin. I just love it!

  62. Lyn

    The best cleansing balm, cleans without stripping the skins natural oil.

  63. dafina ganeva

    The best cleansing product for my dry skin! The only product that doesn’t leave my skin drier than before. I absolutely love it!

  64. Alexandra

    Excellent product

  65. Clare Oliver

    The best cleanser I’ve ever used. Feels indulgent and is such a lovely treat to finish the day with. Plus it’s very effective at removing make-up. I double cleanse each night and it thoroughly removes eyemake up too.

  66. Angela A.

    Extremely gentle and cleansing… I just love it.

  67. Victoria Squires

    When you have sensitive/combination skin that is prone to redness, it can be so hard to find products that work effectively and deliver on all they promise. I bought the trail size of this cleanser to start with as I had tried a similar product from another company and found it to be too ‘heavy’ for my skin. After 3 days I knew I didn’t want to be without this cleanser and ordered the full size. It leaves my skin feeling clean, calm, moisturised but not oily. The texture is so light and a little goes a very long way. Honestly I couldn’t be happier!

  68. Sarah Harrison

    I have tried dozens of cleansers over the years and this is where my search ends! This cleanser and a hot microfibres flannel. It will remove everything. My skin has never felt so clean and refreshed. Meadow day/night oil on afterwards and it’s the perfect t routine for me. No tightness or drying.

  69. Fanny Peppercorn

    Love this it’s so easy and gentle. I have v sensitive skin so find it hard to find a good eco cleanser that also removes mascara. So easy to use too.

  70. Melissa A.

    Most amazing product, cleanses brilliantly and leaves skin soft and nourished.

  71. Sarah

    Beautiful, no dryness, the perfect cleanser.

  72. Amanda

    Absolutely THE BEST cleanser ever. So gentle and nourishing. I love the fact that the ingredients are natural. Introduced my mum to it and now she uses lots of the range too! 100% recommend.

  73. Lisa Macgregor

    I’ve only been using the cleansing balm for a week but I’m really enjoying this gorgeous product. It smells lovely and I’m taking the time to massage it into my skin for a couple of minutes to aid relaxation. Once I’ve wiped it off with a warm, damp cloth my skin feels so soft and has a definite glow. I’ve also left it on for 20 mins or so whilst I was in the bath and it felt like a luxurious face mask. I would definitely recommend.

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Full Ingredient List

INCI: butyrospermum parkii (east shea nilotica), mangifera indica (mango), cocos nucifera (coconut), cucurbita pepo (pumpkin), carthamus tinctorius (safflower), camellia sinensis leaf oil (camellia), vitis vinifera (grapeseed), euphorbia cerifera (candelilla), lavendula angustafolia (lavender), citrus grandis (grapefruit), tocopherol (vitamin e). citral*, geraniol*, linalool,* limonene*, citroneliol* (*naturally occuring in essential oils)


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