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When I was younger, I had a friend who nicknamed me Poindexter.  I admit I’m definitely more geek than chic, but I’ve just looked up the definition of Poindexter it says a boringly studious and socially inept person.  Maybe they weren’t my friend after all! LOL!  Whilst I don’t consider myself socially inept, I am boringly studious.  I love detail.  I particularly love detail when it comes to picking the ingredients that Wendy and I choose to put in our formulations.

Each plant oil, essential oil, fruit butter or earth clay that we utilise has been carefully chosen, based on a number of factors.  We don’t just pick an ingredient because it sounds pretty! Here’s just a few of our considerations:

  • What benefit does it bring to the skin?
  • Where does this ingredient originate from?
  • What does the texture feel like?
  • What does it smell like?
  • What’s its comedogenic rating (will it clog pores?)
  • Is it ethically sourced?
  • How is it obtained from the plant – cold pressed, steam distilled?
  • Is it organic?
  • How well does it blend with other ingredients?

We love to do all of the hard work for you, so that when you apply any Meadow product to your skin you are safe in the knowledge that it is the cream of the crop!  You know that it’s going to work wonders and it’s ethically sourced!

Each ingredient is a team player in our formulations, but like any team player, they have their own unique strengths. I’m going to write a series of blogs to shine the light on some of our oils so you can appreciate their individual amazingness!  It will help you to have a better understanding of why we’ve included a particular ingredient and what benefit it brings to your skin and your well-being (check out our ingredients section on our website too which is packed full of information).

Today I’ve decided to talk about Cedarwood essential oil.  On a snowy day in lockdown when I’m home-schooling (watching the kids build a snowman!) and running a business, cedarwood is what I need in my life! This strengthening and stabilising essential oil is a perfect pick-me-up in times of anxiety or stress.

The aroma of this sweet, warm and woody essential oil will transport you to the majestic forests of Morocco, which is where we source our organic oil.  It is 100% pure and steam distilled from the wood of the cedar trees. It has so many beneficial properties and is the perfect accompaniment the Frankincense and Jasmine in our gorgeous Overnight Replenishing Oil.  Here’s a couple of reasons why:


  • It inspires a sense of well-being. It’s grounding and calming and helps relive nervous tension and anxiety.
  • It’s fantastic at balancing oily and acne prone skin.
  • It stimulates the flow of lymph, so is great when using the Overnight Replenishing Oil for a facial massage.
  • It’s a calming companion when you have a cold, flu or sinus infection.

Take a moment when applying the Overnight Replenishing Oil to breathe in the essential oils so you can get the maximum benefit from the blend and let the cedarwood work its magic at calming the skin and your mind!

Try our Overnight Replenishing Oil –

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