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How our Overnight Replenishing Oil can help calm an anxious mind during these unsettling times

We thought we’d throw the spotlight on our Overnight Replenishing Oil this week, as both Wendy and I are finding it particularly beneficial during lockdown because of its calming and relaxing properties. To be honest, I’m practically swimming in it right now!

You’ll find some pretty amazing cold pressed organic carrier oils in our bottle, but first I just want to highlight what organic essential oils we’ve blended that really pack a punch: Grapefruit, Lavender, Cedarwood, Jasmine, Frankincense and Patchouli.  This blend of essential oils doesn’t just benefit the skin, it also benefits the mind.  The Frankincense, Lavender and Cedarwood are great for relieving tension and anxiety. Lavender and Jasmine help to aid sleep, Patchouli is extremely grounding and soothing and Grapefruit is refreshing and balancing.  The exotic Jasmine in this blend is warming and feels like a cosy blanket on your face! With extra time on our hands, spend a few extra minutes applying the oil, taking your time to massage the oil into the skin.  Take a minute to breathe in the essential oils to help relax areas of tension.  For me this is my jaw and my shoulders!

Another reason this oil is particularly helpful during lockdown is that if you’re finding yourself looking at a screen more than usual, whether it be your laptop, phone or television, the high levels of antioxidants in our Overnight Replenishing Oil will help protect your skin from the blue light emitted by your devices. Here’s a bit of information about each carrier oil that we include as we know you care about what you’re putting on your skin!   All our oils are unrefined, cold- pressed and organic, with the exception of the olive squalene, which we can’t source organically.

Safflower oil – Carthamus tinctoriuos

Safflower oil comes from a thistle-like plant of the daisy family.  It is a deeply moisturising oil that helps to balance combination skin and reduce pore size.

Camellia oil or Tea Seed Oil -camellia sinensis

Camellia oil is pressed from the seeds of the winter-blooming shrub of the tea family.  It’s very high in monounsaturated oleic acid, which makes it excellent for oily or problem skin.  It’s packed with vitamins A, B, C and E and other antioxidants which help with the effects of free radical damage.  It also helps with scarring.

Tomato oil- solanum lycopersicum seed

Tomatoes are one of my all-time favourite things to eat, particularly cherry tomatoes!  So, it’s no surprise that tomato seed oil is one of my favourite skincare oils in the Overnight Replenishing Oil.  It’s packed full of important nutrients and is exceptionally nourishing.  Its deep orange colour highlights its high carotene and lycopene levels, which provide natural UV protection and the ability to repair sun-damaged skin.

Rosehip oil- Rosa Canina

Rosehip seed oil is pressed from the seeds of wild roses and is full of fatty acids and vitamin A, C and E.  Rosehip oil is particularly great at treating scar tissue and blemishes.  It nourishes skin cells, increases elastin and promotes collagen production.  It feels silky on the skin and creates a wonderful moisture barrier.

Pomegranate oil- punica granitum 

Pomegranates remind me of being a child on holiday in Cyprus, where we could eat this delicious fruit directly from the trees! Heaven!  This elegant oil is of particular benefit to mature skins as it’s anti-inflammatory, regenerative, supports collagen and protects from environmental exposure.

Prickly pear-opuntia ficus-indica oil

I have written a previous blog post raving about prickly pear oil so just to recap: this precious seed oil is known as an elixir of youth and is bursting with nutrients, including very high levels of vitamin E and omegas 6 and 9.  Together, these properties help promote elasticity and glowing skin, improve hydration, protect your skin from environmental stressors, calm inflammation in acne-prone skin and can also help with dark circles.  Our prickly pear is sourced from a first women run co-operative in Morocco. The network educates local families and promotes the prevention of deforestation by offering a more sustainable source of income.

Watermelon-citrullus lanatus

Watermelon oil is exceptionally light and highly nutritious.  It’s particularly beneficial for troubled skin as it helps to dissolve excessive sebum in the pores and repairs damage to the cells.  It’s anti inflammatory and can help to relieve pain associated with acne eruptions and conditions.  It’s high in B vitamins and minerals magnesium and zinc.

Olive squalane

Derived from olive oils, olive squalane has so many skincare benefits we’d be crazy not to include it in our Overnight Replenishing Oil.  Known as a “face lift in a bottle”, it helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, enhances elasticity and protects against moisture loss.  It leaves the skin extremely silky and smooth!

We initially formulated this beautiful golden oil for overnight use because of the calming and relaxing properties I’ve mentioned, but we know that lots of you, ourselves included, enjoy using it in the day too!  For this reason, once our current labels run out, we’re going to drop the “Overnight” and simply call it “Replenishing Oil” as that’s exactly what it does. It helps to restore your skin to its former glory, before it was depleted by environmental factors – pollution, sun, wind, stress and blue light!  Start slathering it on, day or night and begin to reap the rewards!

Best wishes,


Kelly and Wendy x

Meadow Skincare Overnight Replenishing Oil