Here at Meadow skincare we love our formulations and the wonderful ingredients that go into them. We are committed to making our products with the most exceptional quality cold-pressed plant oils and fruit butters we can source. We understand how important it is to protect these precious ingredients from the sunlight so that they don’t lose their potency, so when we were selecting the Meadow packaging, we knew this had to be a priority. Just like the formulations inside, the packaging had to be beautiful, yet sustainable, elegant, yet practical. There was only one product that could tick all these boxes for us: Miron glass jars. Without boring you too much with the science behind it, this glass is unique. Where clear glass or other coloured glass allows light to pass through and damage what’s inside, Miron glass blocks all harmful rays from the light spectrum, yet it still allows the beneficial violet spectrum (UVA and Infrared) to penetrate. This combination means that not only does it increase the shelf life and potency of the products, it enhances them too. The violet glass is truly stunning. The jars look black, but when you hold it up to the light, you will see the most vivid violet colour. They look so elegant on the bathroom shelf! All our products come in Miron, with the exception of our starter kits, which come in aluminium tins. We have chosen to do this to as Miron is an expensive choice and the aluminium tins mean we can offer the starter kit at better value to you. However, the overnight oil does come in a 10ml Miron bottle so you will get to experience its beauty in a miniature version. It’s super cute! Both the tins and the Miron glass are fully recyclable so when you use our products you don’t have to worry about throwing away plastic containers that are so damaging to our environment. We encourage you to reuse your jars when you have finished with them. Pop them in the dishwasher and dry thoroughly, then use them in the bathroom to store bits and bobs in, like cotton wool and hairclips, or in the kitchen to store loose tea, honey, herbs or spices to keep them fresher for longer. They also make lovely candle holders. Get in touch and let us know if you’ve found any other uses for them and let us know what you think of the Miron glass packaging!

Meadow Skincare