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At Meadow Skincare we are extremely particular about the ingredients we use in our formulations. Being 100% natural, you can trust that you will never find anything artificial or synthetic in our products. That goes without saying. But that doesn’t mean that just because a product is natural, it is eligible for a place in a Meadow product. I told you we were particular! ???? Every single one of our carrier oils, essential oils and fruit butters must be of the highest quality and fulfil all of the following:

● cold-pressed

● unrefined

● organic where possible

● non pore-clogging

● sustainably sourced – we like to know where our ingredients originate from.

● pregnancy safe – some essential oils are not safe in pregnancy, so we avoid these*

● have amazing properties for the skin!

Every single one of our ingredients brings something to the party – a hero in their own right. No cheap fillers for us! Today we’re going to shout about a botanical hero that you can find in abundance in our Overnight Replenishing Oil – the glorious prickly pear oil. It’s been gaining momentum in the beauty world of late, but this oil has been used for centuries in the Mediterranean to heal burns and wounds. However, the benefits go way beyond these healing properties. The prickly pear is a member of the cactus family and survives in desert-like conditions, needing very little water and yet its nutritional properties are outstanding! The precious seed oil is known as an elixir of youth and is bursting with nutrients, including very high levels of vitamin E and omegas 6 and 9. Together, these properties help promote elasticity and glowing skin, improve hydration, protect your skin from environmental stressors, calm inflammation in acne-prone skin and can also help with dark circles. It’s suitable for all skin types, it’s not greasy and is easily absorbed. What more could you want! Isn’t it amazing what nature has to offer?!

You can enjoy the benefits of Prickly Pear oil in our beautifully blended Overnight Replenishing Oil. We haven’t been shy about how much we’ve added as you’ll see from our ingredients list (all ingredients must be listed in order of quantity.) Our oil has been receiving rave reviews – check them out on our website! It was also recently featured in You magazine. Did you spot us in there?

Skincare tip – Don’t waste money on separate eye creams. Our delicate oil is gentle enough to use around the eye area and works wonders on fine lines.

*There is always some controversy about which essential oils are safe or not in pregnancy. We always recommend checking with your GP before using essential oils, especially in the first trimester. There is only a maximum of 1% essential oil in all our formulations.

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