The first thing is to take off my bra. The second thing is take off my make-up. Both give me that ‘aaahhhh’ feeling, that helps me to wind down and feel more relaxed after a busy day! Most people clean their face before bedtime, but I start my cleansing routine as soon as I’m home for the day, which can sometimes be straight from the school run. I like to get all the day’s dirt and grime off my face as soon as possible, but also, I genuinely cannot wait to get our cleansing balm onto my face! I don’t have time for lengthy beauty routines with two kids and a busy job, but I do take 5 minutes every day for myself to do a proper cleanse. This is the most important step in achieving clear skin. I like to double cleanse, which simply means cleansing once to remove make-up and then cleansing again to deep clean the skin. One of the benefits of our cleansing balm is that you don’t need two separate cleansers as it thoroughly removes all make-up, yet is gentle enough to clean the most delicate of skin. For me the ‘aaahhhh’ factor comes in once I’ve massaged in the cleansing balm and then I apply a lovely hot flannel over my face and breathe in the beautiful essential oils of lavender and grapefruit. Heaven! The other benefit to cleansing my skin as soon as I get home is that it allows the products that I apply after cleansing to have more time to work their magic. I apply the Hydration Boost Moisturising Balm after cleansing to give my skin a boost of nutrients, then right before bed I use the Overnight Replenishing Oil to nourish my skin while I sleep. The delicate blend of essentials oils also helps me get a good night’s sleep (if the kids don’t wake me up!) – Kelly. Co-Founder, Meadow Skincare

Meadow Skincare Co-Founder Kelly