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I love nothing more than a good declutter to help clear my mind and reduce my anxiety. I find it cathartic.  Not only does decluttering help your mental health, it’s great for your physical health too!  Clearing my garden over the weekend was exhausting!  I’ve listed a few things that I’ve tackled over the last 3 weeks that might inspire you if you’re wondering what to do with all this time on your hands.  If you’re a parent, you can get the kids involved too (although it might involve paying copious amounts of pocket money!)  If the bigger jobs feel overwhelming, perhaps start with something small.

Clear out the kitchen

I emptied out the cupboards and cleaned them inside and out.  I threw out anything from the food cupboards that was out of date and got rid of any plates, cups and glasses that were mismatched or chipped. I finally got around to matching up all the Tuppaware containers to their lids too!  (I really don’t miss making packed lunches!)

Clear our drawers

We’ve all got a set of drawers where everything gets shoved into on a day to day basis.  Mine consist of phone chargers, balls of string, light bulbs, tape measures, envelopes……the list goes on!  I had got used to rummaging around trying to find stuff, but I’ve spent time sorting them out and I now have a stationery drawer, an electrical drawer and a tools drawer.  It won’t last 5 minutes, but it feels good for now!

Sort out the garage

I ventured into the garage and sorted out a pile of stuff that’s ready to go to the tip or charity as and when it can…old paint tins, an old car seat, a broken garden light!  Also, in the garage are my husband’s thousands of CD’s and DVD’s that he refuses to part with.  I suggested downloading them so he could get rid of them, but he was horrified at the idea!  So this led us on to the next job……

Sort out CD’s and DVD’s

We spent a whole day with the kids sorting through the CD’s, making sure everything was in its right case and then playing some of our favourite albums that we’d forgotten about!  This potentially boring task turned out to be good fun!  The kids earned a bit of pocket money and heard some new music, so they were happy too!

Clear out wardrobes

I sorted through my wardrobe with one rule in mind.  If I hadn’t worn it for over a year, then it had to go.  I was quite ruthless, but because I’m normally getting dressed in a rush, I skim over my clothes without really paying attention to what’s there.  My husband’s obsessed with clothes and has a ridiculous amount of T shirts and shirts so we now do ‘one in-one out’. If he buys a new one, an old one must go!


Sort through old photos

This was something that I’d suggested to my mum to do as she lives alone and is struggling to keep busy.  She has a huge cardboard box full of old photos that need putting into albums (probably quite old fashioned now, but I love looking through photo albums!)  Although it can be bittersweet looking at old photos, it’s a nice way to see family and friends at a time where it’s not otherwise possible.

Sort out make up bags and beauty cabinets

Before I launched Meadow skincare I had literally hundreds of beauty products and make up products.  I was a self-confessed beauty junkie!  I have long rid myself of all those unnecessary jars and bottles, now my routine is simpler and more eco-friendly.  However, it’s a good reminder to make sure you’re not hanging on to anything that is out of date or seen better days.  Always refer to the label on your jar or bottle that will tell you how long your product will last.  As a guide, I only keep my mascara for 3 months before buying a new one.  They breed bacteria and you really don’t want that anywhere near your eyes!

Being the multitasker that I am, I used these decluttering sessions as an opportunity to give my skin and hair a bit of TLC and a shot of nourishment.  I don’t ever need an excuse to slather my face in our Calm and Soothe Face Mask.  I didn’t wear it in the garage, but I was tempted! It’s also quite nice to make your own hair mask that can be working it’s magic while you work.  If you’re a vegan, try mixing some apple cider vinegar with olive oil and applying it to dry hair.  Leave it on for half and hour and then rinse it off for lovely shiny hair!  If you’re not a vegan, you can add an egg into the mix or some honey for extra nourishment.

Do let Wendy and I know what you’ve been doing to keep busy.  There’s only so much decluttering I can do so perhaps you could give us some inspiration!

Stay Safe,

Kelly & Wendy x

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