About Meadow


We met in 2012 at the school gates and became fast friends, connected by our children and a mutual interest in our local tearoom! (Coffee and cake got us through the pre-school years!) We have followed similar paths in life, both working in the city in our 20’s and both working as therapists in our 30’s (Wendy as a massage therapist and Kelly as a psychotherapist).  Kelly has always been obsessed by skincare and is a qualified skincare formulator.

 We decided in 2017 to combine forces and begin on a journey to create a capsule collection of multi-tasking skincare, initially for Wendy’s pre-natal massage clients. Our best-selling product, Hydration Boost Moisturising Balm started out as a treatment for baby bumps and continues to be a popular multi-tasking product and an important inclusion in our capsule collection. Meadow Skincare was born (pardon the pun!)

 Through Meadow Skincare we aim to inspire a moment of calm, self-care and great skin through our use of plant-based ingredients to create incredible textures, scents and results to lift your spirits and transform your day and night-time skincare routine. A daily ritual that becomes an enjoyable, relaxing treat rather than a chore. 

We strive to be keep our carbon footprint small by making earth-friendly decisions such as using local suppliers where possible (our premium lavender is sourced from the village we live in!) Our glass jars are infinitely recyclable and we have set-up a program with Recycled UK Ltd so customers can return their lids to us in a prepaid envelope for recycling.

 We love the simplicity of our capsule collection and hope you enjoy using the products as much as we do.