About Us

Kelly Spinks and Wendy Lane met at the school gate seven years ago and became fast friends.

We developed our brand over many a playdate, and slowly our dream became a serious business plan. With professional backgrounds in therapy, (Kelly’s psychotherapy practice and Wendy’s massage therapy studio), we both understood the importance of taking care of yourself.

Through Meadow Skincare we handcraft organic, waterless skincare blended in microbatches for active freshness using only vegan, nut-free, 100% plant-derived ingredients.  

Meadow Skincare is a small, independent company and we formulate and blend our products ourselves. Our ultimate aim is to have our skincare in the hands of our customers within 7 days of blending to ensure the ultimate in freshness and potency.

Something they believe stands us apart from other skincare brands.

“Our products target modern day worries including pollution, pigmentation, sun damage, toxins, ageing and dehydration.  Our simple toolbox of products is the perfect remedy, built to blend into your morning and evening ablutions.

We are an environmentally responsible company with sustainability at its heart.

We use recyclable glass jars and minimise the use of plastic and unnecessary packaging to keep parcel sizes and our environmental footprint small.

We love to bookend our busy days with our simple, but effective skincare routine.  We hope you enjoy using the products as much as we do.”

Kelly & Wendy xxx