Back to Nature

A collection of FIVE vegan products to use as a complete skincare ritual or to integrate with your existing routine.

Plant Seed Oils

Natural Fruit Butters

Essential Oils

Earth Clays

Each ingredient is included because it is good for the skin and for no other reason. With the Meadow range it’s as much about the nasties we leave out as it is the skin-loving ingredients we put in.

Why Meadow Skincare?


We offer a simple, effective, complete natural skincare ritual that requires only five products.






All skin is designed to stay naturally healthy when it is properly balanced. In order to do this, we must protect the acid mantle of our skin – a very fine, protective layer on its surface that keeps moisture in and harmful bacteria out.  When the acid mantle is disturbed by harsh skincare products, problems can occur like excessive oiliness or dryness.  When you use gentle, nourishing products the acid mantle is intact, and your skin stays clear, soft, and supple.  

 Throughout our collection we use oils very similar to skin’s natural sebum and are easily and deeply absorbed.

 Our blends are  great for all skin types and offer nourishing, protective support to combat skin conditions including: 






Oily skin 

Customer Reviews

“So sooooooooooo so pleased with this balm. My skin has never felt better… it’s rich, nourishing, packed with goodies, yet light at the same time. The results were immediate… my skin is glowing. V happy.”

“An instant favourite. This feels so good on my skin, and the redness is definitely less. As a bonus, people around me keep saying “Oooh, what smells so good?” and it always turns out to be this balm.”

“This completely melts away built up makeup and dirt. It leaves my skin feeling soft with no dry tightness. I’ve been using this cleanser for a few months and can honestly say it has been a miracle worker. Would recommend to all skin types.”

balanced skincare without water

Our entire range is waterless. Here’s why…..

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